In the days leading up to 4th May 1994 Mark Padfield decided he would design a banner for the European Cup Winners Cup final in Copenhagen. He spent his spare time creating and painting the banner on an old bed sheet on the lounge floor of his parent’s home.

At that time the Dover Gooners had 5 members, Mark Padfield, his brothers Michael, AKA Paddy and Paul, his sister Emma and their dad, Tim. To become a Dover Gooner in the early days you had to have seen Arsenal play at home and away in Europe.

Over the 6 years that followed this unofficial group grew to contain 9 members as they were joined on their European journeys by Bill and David Browning, Gary Cattermole and the ageless Frank Benn. In the summer of 2004 the Dover Gooners became an officially affiliated Arsenal Supporters Cub, their official title being Arsenal Dover Supporters Club. 

Today the club has now grown into a thriving club of approximately 370 members, with ages ranging from 0 to 79 years and with members from towns all over East Kent and various countries throughout Europe. It was also in the summer of 2004 that Mr Peter Hill-Wood, the Chairman of Arsenal FC and sometimes resident in the Dover District Council area, kindly accepted the position of Honorary Life President of the Dover Gooners.

Today the original banner has been replaced by a modern version, but this does closely replicate the original design. This banner can be seen at Arsenal’s campaigns all over Europe and also at the pre-season tours in Austria. The visits to Austria have resulted in the Dover Gooners building up close relationships with fellow fans from not only Britain but also Austria, Norway, Germany, Ireland and Italy.

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Honorary life president: Peter Hill Wood
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