Dover Gooners Rules and Regulations


1. The name of the club shall be The Dover Gooners and its registered address shall be 88 Lewisham Road River Dover Kent CT17 0QQ. The objective of the club is to draw together like minded supporters of The Arsenal Football Club.

2. The club shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Members. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will form the committee along with 5 other full members of the club

3. The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held by the end of June in any year with a minimum of 8 people forming a quorum. Only members of the club will be entitled to participate and vote. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to

  • Approve reports and statements from the previous Annual General Meeting
  • Elect the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and other officers such as deemed necessary
  • Elect members of the committee
  • Approve subscription rates for the coming season
  • Approve current rules or deal with any proposals to amendments to the current rules
  • Any other business

4. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be made to all members and to The Arsenal Football Club at least 21 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

5. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting shall be submitted to The Arsenal Football Club within 6 weeks of the Annual General Meeting

6.   All members of the Dover Gooners who are Bond Holders, Season Ticket Holders, and   Silver or Red members, Family Enclosure or Cannon Club Members, Junior Gunners or   on the Season Ticket waiting list will not pay an Annual fee.Any member of the Dover Gooners, who is not one of the above, will pay an annual fee of £5. Anybody who joins part way through a season and is not one of the above will also pay the full fee of £5.


(a) From the 2006/07 season the Dover Gooners introduced a family membership, which will be known as ‘Parent and Children’. This membership will be for 2 parents and at least 2 children, aged 16 or younger. The cost will be £15. The parents and children must be named on the membership form and the children’s ages must be added.

7.   Tickets for home games will be allocated in the following way:


(i) Silver members get first choice of any tickets for games; if there were any spare tickets then they would be allocated to non silver members who applied for tickets for the game in question. If there are more non silver members who have asked for tickets, then actual tickets left, they will be allocated on a count back system for number of games attended that season. If any tickets are returned once all tickets have been allocated they will be offered to any non member who was not allocated a ticket in the first exercise. If there are still spare tickets after that they will be advertised to all members on a purely first come first serve basis. Tickets will only be allocated on the basis of one ticket to one member. If you want to take a family member/ friend to a game, they must become a member of the Dover Gooners, by completing the application form and returning it to the Secretary, together with any fee (See Rule 6 above).

(ii) If the club reaches any cup final then the silver members would get first choice of tickets. In the event of us being allocated less tickets then we have Silver Members, the committee will hold a ballot to allocate the tickets. If there are any spare cup final tickets, these will be offered to the non silver members who have attended most games that season. If there are still some spare after this exercise, then they will be advertised to all members on a purely first come first served basis.

(iii) If any non silver member, who has been allocated a ticket for any game, find that they cannotattend the game the ticket MUST be returned to the committee for reallocation. If the committecannot place the ticket then the member who was originally allocated the ticket will still responsible for the cost of the ticket.

(iv) From the 2007/08 season any member making an application for match day tickets must forward a blank cheque to the secretary within 72 hours of making their application.

(v) If a member fails to send the secretary a blank cheque, to follow up their application for tickets, they will not be included in the subsequent ticket application.

(vi) If a member is making multiple applications for tickets during any month, their cheque must be sent to the secretary after their first application has been made.

(vii) All cheques will be completed once the secretary receives the relevant credit card bill.

(viii) Before any cheque is banked the secretary will advise the member as to the amount that their cheque has been made out in. They will be given an opportunity to dispute the amount, before the cheque is banked.

(ix) Any members who wish to pay for their tickets by cash or bank transfer, will not be affected by (iv) to (vi) above. However, they must advise the secretary of their intention to pay by one of these methods at the start of the season.

8. Application for membership to the club will be by a formal proposal and seconding from full members of the club. This should then be submitted in writing to the committee for approval. Membership will commence 2 days following such approval upon full payment of the subscription.

9. The committee shall meet at least 4 times a year in the month of February, May, August and November.

10. The committee shall have the power to cancel the membership of any person whose actions or behaviour shall be considered to be not in the best interest of the club. In all cases the acceptance for or removal from membership shall be notified in writing to the person concerned.

11. All new members will be allocated with a membership number and will be supplied with a written copy (by e mail wherever possible) of the club rules.

12. An Extraordinary General Meeting, having the powers and appropriate conditions of an Annual General Meeting shall be called at the written request of 8 club members or at any time the committee shall deem it necessary.

13. Proposals for amendments to the Rules of the Club by the Committee shall be recorded in minutes of a meeting held at least 21 days before an Annual General Meeting and proposals by other persons shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before an Annual General Meeting.

14. The Dover Gooners logo is owned exclusively by Mark Padfield and its usage is subject to his written approval.

Rules as agreed at 3rd AGM in 2007

Honorary life president: Peter Hill Wood
The Dover Gooners Supporters Club is independent from the Arsenal Football Club PLC (company number) 109244 London England
and all it’s associated and group companies and has no authority to bind, contract , negotiate on it’s behalf or otherwise represent itself as connected in any way with it.

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