Photo Gallery

Legends Dinner 2010


Eddie Kelly and Charlie George


Mick in Atalanta
Pre-Season in Cologne
Freddie Mascot in Cologne
Gunners Bergam Party
Udinese Champions League
Freedie Pre-Udinese



Pre Match in Graz Pre Season in Graz Frank Mick and Tim pre match in Graz
Mick Frank and Teo in Graz Mick Andy K and Keith pre season Mick and the Vienna boys pre season
  M<ick and Gary pre-match in Graz  
Itaalian Gooners in Bad Waltersdorf Tim Getting Theos Autograph in Bad Waltersdorf Pete Mcrobert on Holiday  
Pre-season Squad in Bad Waltersdorf   Nasra scores as teh Dover Gooners look on
Freddie and Liam at the Emirates
Pat Jennings Dinner

Legends Dinner 2010


Nigal Winterburn




Vienna before the Pre-season match against SC Columbia
Vienna before the Pre-season match against SC Columbia
Vienna before the Pre-season match against SC Columbia
Norweigans Legends Dinner in Oslo
Mick Teo and Tim in Oslo
FA Cup Semi Final
Outside the Blue Room
89 Dinner at the Emerites
Gary and Wenger
Mick and Cesc
Mick Luck and Djourou
Mick Luck and Vermaalen

Legends Dinner 2009


Bob Wilson



Amsterdam Pre-Season
Amsterdam Pre-Season
Amsterdam Pre-Season
Gooners around the World
Gooners around the World
Youth Legends Dinner
Arsenal vs Chelsea
Supporters Club

Legends Dinner 2008


Eddie Kelly




Carling Cup Corprate Style
Tree house cheque presentation
On the pitch in Bad Walersdorf
Debs and Arsene in Bad Waltersdorf
Pre Match Eindhoven
Mick and Tom Fuchs in Eindhoven
With the Austrians in Eindhoven

Legends Dinner 2007


Sammy Nelson

Frank and Gary having a pee Eindhoven
Tim and Freddie
Cheque presentation at the Legends Dinner
Legends Dinner with Sammy Nelson
Legends Dinner with Sammy Nelson
Dover Gooners Tour of the Emirates
Dover Gooners Tour of the Emirates

Arsenal Vs Chelsea Cardiff






Arsenal Vs Chelsea Cardiff



Supporters club tournament
Paul Mick Mark and Tim out side Highbury
Mick Gary and Keith Pre-Season VIP
Pre-Season VIP
Buschenshank Pre-Season
Wine Cellar at the Mirth Buschenshank
Butch and Smithy
Derek at the Clock end
Bard and Tim in Paris
Hotel before the Champions League Final
Outside the Staidum in France before the Champions League Final

Mick Terry Neil and Andy K at the Ledgends Dinner



Keith and Tim at the Legends Dinner



Cheque Presentation at the Chamions Dinner




Our Flag at Highbury for the supporters Club Tournament



Dover Gooners Team at Highbury



Our Flag in Bad Waltersdorf
Kings Cross Pub Trondheim
Bad Waltersdorf Pre-Season
Freddie in his seat at Highbury
Freddie and Tim in the Marble Halls at Highbury


Norwegian 25th Anniversary Party in London

Legends Dinner

Tim Gary and Jill Cheque Presentation



Red Square Moscow
Inside the Kremlin



The Flag in Oberwart
Oberwart Pre-season
Bad Waltersdorf Pre-Season

Ritzing Pre-season




Charlie George at Legends Dinner






Derek and Troy with double winners trophies

Mick with Grondin and Bora Mort



Mick and Steve Bould in Athens
Mick and Frank in Athens
Mick and Tim in Athens

Mick and Tim with the Flag in Athens



Tim and Andy before the cup winners cup final

Paris before the cup winners cup final

Ferry back from the cup winners cup final



Dover Gooners First Flag in Copenhagen
Mick and Mark in Copenhagen


Tim and Mark in Copenhagen

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